Thursday, December 1, 2011

Through Education the Motherland Receives Light

                At a very young age, Jose Rizal, our national hero, wrote the poem “Through Education the motherland receives light”. He indicates here how he values education a lot.  Out of his fervent love for our motherland, education seems for him a way for us to extend our deep and warm gratitude to every wonder that we receive from her every day.
            Rizal, a man full of intelligence, knows that the key to improve our dear country is the awareness of everything. Thus, education is the one that trains people how to become a productive and civilized citizen to our motherland.
            A nation where educated people out number uncivilized ones reveals treasures more cherished than any stones of the earth. So when the time comes that we witness our terrifying fall, we emerge through the help of those who value most the true essence of education… the best light that every nation receives.
-           PANINGBATAN , DAVE

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